Monday, January 19, 2009

Darling Locked at Home

… was suppose to be able to make it to !u wit u n chuu khai…but it didn’t happen
… was also suppose to pay ur mom n ur dad a visit but sadly ur mom dun like me
….today was also suppose to meet u at da park but ur being abedient and stayed at home
….today was suppose to be memorable but u had tears before we came to sneakily visit u
However, we did had quite a good time ^^ …..nice house (traditional yet very Chinese)….
Lol….can;t believe we actually sattle down with the gate in between us and chatted for awhile
Lol….and also get to see ur house hehe n pict when u were young hehe so cute and hmm I see that u had a controlled childhood…..very similar wit me….infact…with most asian kids too…sigh…

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  1. hey hey! jus thought of droppin a comment =p glad to hear u hv a steady relationship going on :) keep the fire between both of u strong! =D drop by my blog too if u can =D hehe. take care! oh and abt the controlled childhood thing, yea me too =.=