Sunday, February 22, 2009

pERsOnAl eXpErIence -- before n after being in a relationship ^^

heyz....haha just want to share about what i experience n notice...before n after being in a relationship..

i'm just wondering if everyone that are in a relationship would actually felt the same as i do...

i notice that after having a lovely n sweet Fiona as girlfriend...i really felt that there is something differnet in me. I notice that whenever i am around with girls or a girl, i find that i could express myself more freely than ever...i'm wondering if tis is because of

1.i know how to treat a girl better

2. i have confidence wihtmyself to the fact that i manage to have a gf ^^

3. i don;t hav to worry that i would have other intentions toward whichever pretty girl i talk to. (use to be easily attracted to jsut any-was desperade...WAS...)

4. i also feeling n thinking that i already have one, ^^ so duneed to even bother considering about the girl im chatting with.

5. simply coz i already have the BEst Girl d!!! who cares for who reli does love me for not just looks but whats who had scarificed alot for that is missing me every second every hour that lightens my day whenever she is whom i really love

to: love

Sarang hae yo....1314

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