Monday, March 9, 2009

Our break up....9th March 09

Fiona...i guess the time for us to put tis relationship on a hold has finally came. And must i also say that despite feeling very 'keberatan' but i guess this is the only way we cna do it......for the better future. Honesly I took alot of courage to put our relationship to the test of time and took alot of courage to let go and shall not force u to do something that you couldn't do (to lie n being sneaky, doing things behind ur parnets back).....

Tell you the truth (hope this doesn't apply to the 'truth hurts rule')....i actually am very emo n almost shed a tear as i type the longest n probably the last sms to you as my girlfriend. Then again, i have to hold back the tears. Reason being is that i have to be strong, to set a good example to u i suppose n also because its a mature decition that i have to take. I have to learn to let go n not hold onto it too tight. And i think not just me but us, we have to learn to let go at times when its order to recieve better outcomes or even better things and definately better future.

I hope you don;t mind if i post the messege that i send to u here, so that everytime if i ever think of u as my gf again....atleast i have this to read n to remind myself (and perhaps u too Fiona) of why we'r doing/ what we decided.....

SMS goes like this:

Fifi...after reading both ur msg suprisingly i must say im abit sad,but...somehow feel more towards happy actually. Im really glad u actually wanted tis way!! =)

Cos i was about to tell u da same thing, but with btr reason behind tis decision.

I wasn't sure b4 tis if i should ask u tat, coz scare u would feel tat i duwan to support u as bf, but now seems like u wanted it that way yeah ^^

N i do agree wit ur decision...=)

1st. its btr tis way so tat u dun need to do things behind his back, dun hav to lie. We also dun hav to be disobedient towards ur parnets!!^^

2nd. Hopefully we could concertrade btr in studies...

3rd. Perhaps we both can ease up a little, no stress or worry if we treat other gender good

4th. Use tis time to grow, in terms of being independent n stronger in character/ spiritually/ personality / soul searching/ find out wat n who we reli looking for.

5th. test our love if its a lasting wan or nt. Test our patience. N i believe tat

"if we are really meant to be toghter, no matter what happens, no matter how long to wait, as long as our feelings for each other its real n neva fade, somehow God will bless us n bring us bak!"

So, if our love is real, if we'r meant to be toghter, n end up being toghter again, we can happily say tat we obeyed them!!^^

N lastly, Fiona....i'm ok tat we'r now just friends =)
Lets keep it normal ^^v



  1. sry. to c this. hope u will ok. yeah. we r in the same categories but u dont sad ok. try be strong. this june will go back? if yes then things might be settle. trust me. dont settle like tht. ask her to wait untill u go back n settle ba. ok. dont give up. no matter wht. did she saw this msg? haha,

  2. i know this is a really long time ago thing but sometimes.. i do really wish things wouldn't have changed..i'm a stronger person today...even though im single now..i have made wrong decisions before and also mistakes which are not god and not perfect..only the right one will think im perfect for that person..oh heart still desire for someone alot till today but i have no choice to buried it in the bottom of my i still able to love this guy with all my heart..but now we are many things are against us and also the main thing is also partly cos of him that he has decided to be with another person in much i can't stop emphasizing on this..i will live my life on my own now even if i still felt something for him..cos i know there is nothing left i could do even if i tried to gain back everything the way it was..please god if you ever hear me or feel me of how i feel..i shall leave everything to you and surrender to you..please do take care of me so that i won't make any more mistakes anymore..